Welcome fellow Pioneer!

If you’re reading this, it means you are a true explorer and embody the eternal search for justice and wisdom with an open mind without prejudice.

What is Legalpioneer.org?

On Legalpioneer.org you can locate and explore businesses and ideas impacting the legal space across the globe. We are a non-profit and open community proudly build without any donations, government grants, or venture capital. To remain sustainable we designed the platform to be:

  • low cost using open- and free-tier software;
  • low maintenance using robotic process automation;
  • low bandwidth using minimal file & image storage;
  • low energy so always in dark mode to save up to 23.5%.

Like Wikipedia, Legalpioneer.org is fueled by passion and financed with love to stay forever free.

However, our hosting provider doesn’t accept passion as payment so we opened a shop to help cover those costs.

What is a Legalpioneer?

The law impacts society in different ways. There are many companies and communities that directly or indirectly use technology to keep society fair and safe. Traditionally, this was the job of legal and tax professionals who used technology to manage their practice or research laws (LegalTech, Tax). Then came marketplaces to decentralize and democratize the task of solving conflicts (Law).

Now more companies build tools to comply with the law (RiskTech) and to support citizens in exercising their rights and obligations (CivicTech). For example, you can find tools that manage contracts or report sexual harassment.

Our mission is to automatically collect and showcase the pioneers that support a safe society.

Read how we identify Legalpioneers and where we find them.

When are you a Legalpioneer?

Submitting a company profile is free. Here’s how you qualify:

  • Own a Top-Level Domain;
  • Software-based so no hardware like a keyboard;
  • Independent private venture not listed on any stock exchanged or acquired by any entity;
  • And identify as LegalTech, Tax, Law, RiskTech, or CivicTech as described above.

We also included some companies which have shutdown like Atrium LTS to explore and learn from.

In doubt? Submit anyway and we’ll get in touch within 48 hours to process your application.

Who is Legalcomplex?

Legalcomplex is one of the co-founders of Legalpioneer.org and co-developer of the platform. Legalcomplex.com is an analytics company using data and machine learning to harvest ideas that impact the legal industry worldwide. They do the numbers behind the names. For any technical queries like exports or API access, please contact Raymond at Legalcomplex (email below).

Can we collaborate?

Sure, we are open to collaborate with anyone on opportunities that align with our principles. We would greatly appreciate anyone with NumPy or SciPy skills. Check out our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and reach out to us via Twitter, Linkedin, or Email.

Stats & Parameters


  • Date: Oct 20, 2020 13:23 GMT+1
  • Profiles: 4898
  • Locations: 772


  • companies founded after 2009
  • Excluded categories
    • Fin Tech
    • Wealth Tech
    • Smart Tech
    • some Risk Tech & GRC

Complete stats over at Legalcomplex.com


Getting to launch we had to make some trade-offs. The launch was the first milestone on our roadmap and we plan to add features. Below lists some of the key decisions we had to make:

  • Google Maps vs OpenStreetMap
  • Locations vs Addresses