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Experts in privacy within education Your schools process and store data from students, parents and employees. Are you sure this is done safely? Are your employees aware of the risks and consequences if something goes wrong? And do you have the required legal and practical knowledge? Privacy at School has years of experience in education and knows all the ins and outs of the privacy theme. With our tools, training, support and advice you can be sure that you have properly arranged your information security and privacy. Privacy at School is an initiative of Tonny Plas ict advice and O21 BV. Both parties have earned their spurs in the field of education and IT. Over the years they have specialized in the theme of information security and privacy; an increasingly important issue for schools due to the increasing digitization in education. Spoorlaan 2a, Bodegraven, South Holland 2411 ER, NL

Netherlands, Bodegraven

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